Schafer Fertility & Massage 

Got Pregnant in 3 Months!

For 5 years my husband & I struggled with infertility. Specialists failed to pinpoint why we were unable to get pregnant. But we kept looking into IVF & other options such as adoption. Then a friend recommended Jennifer for her repositioning massage. Her knowledge and calming presence melted away years of stress in dealing with the unknown. To our surprise, we got pregnant after 3 months working with Jen. Her ongoing coaching sessions helped in delivering A HEALTHY BABY GIRL! Whether you are frustrated with infertility or other health issues, I'd say Go with Jen & her Maya Abdominal Therapy!
Meghan B Boston, MA

Reclaiming Center After 2 Miscarriages

After 2 miscarriages I needed to find balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jennifer's healing hands showed me the way back into my body again. Even better, she coached me in how to take the Maya Abdominal Massage home with modified self-care massage. So, first, Jennifer first gave me healing. And then she showed me how to heal myself which feels so empowering. Almost every night I used what she taught me to bring myself to a centered place in my body. Now I feel ready to move forward again in my life!
Bonnie G Andover, MA

​ Once-Tipped Uterus is Normal & Healthy!

I almost didn't believe it. The day after my monthly fertility session with Jennifer Schafer, I went for an ultrasound at my IVF Clinic. And Wow ... my once-tipped uterus has changed position ... now my uterus looks perfectly normal and healthy! I feel very optimistic about my current cycle.
​ Sophie T Marblehead, MA

                                                            Clearing Emotional Baggage

I was walking through life depressed and overwhelmed. Using mind-body techniques Jennifer coached me to identify old blocks and visualize the life that I want to live. Now my grey clouds have lifted. Thank you, Jen!  
                                                                                                                                                            Alicia  N      Peabody, MA


                                                                        Peace, Health & Balance

Jennifer Schafer is the woman I have to thank for peace, health and balance in my life. For 4 years I have been seeing Jennifer every other week, and every time I see her, I feel light as a feather. Her massage therapy clears my mind, reduces my stress, and strengthens my immune system. So I am enjoying health all year round. I have never had a better massage, and I'm so thankful for Jennifer everyday.           
                                                                                                                                                           Tricia R       Manchester, MA